Haunting Memories

"If I have a daughter, I will
never body shame in front
of her. We are sponges when
we’re young, and I don’t want
her to absorb any of my mistakes,
scars, or vomit. I will tell her
she is beautiful, and encourage
her to make peaceful and healthy
decisions. But I will also tell her
she is brilliant. Intelligence and
bravery will be her clarifiers, not
her breast size or her photogenic
face. I want to raise a warrior."

-Things I Wish My Mom Did More Of.  (via nervosuh)

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-white proverb (via maatangi)
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Magnum Photos: Afghan Sikhs in Kabul, Afghanistan

Photographs by Steve McCurry, Thomas Dworzak and Moises Saman

Watch this one-hour documentary conducted by Pritpal Singh, an Afghan Sikh, on the Sikh community in Afghanistan. 

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Ttraditional Alutiiq (Alaskan Tribe)

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Ttraditional Alutiiq (Alaskan Tribe)


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Anonymous asked: UR UGLYYYYYYY the fuck. why u makin fun of ppl when u look like that u fuckin trashy





It’s funny how they are calling us ugly on anon. They hate how beautiful we are.

The funny thing is they seem to be doing exactly what they are criticizing me for doing, only anonymously

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’m going to bed
You should come too

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when u put on a song u like at a party that no one knows


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the one perk about being ripped on your entire life is that when people send you weak anon hate, it bounces off of you like rubber. 

Lol I hope they know they are cyber bullying. I hope it cuts them in the heart how much of a hypocrite they are.

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